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March 17, 2014 / notxkcd

not xkcd 71 – What is it all about?


Transcript below:

Dan: You’ve been awfully quiet these last few days. Something the matter?
Bob: Huh? Oh, I don’t know.
Dan: What do you mean?
Bob: I’ve been feeling so melancholy lately. Like I’m going through a minor existential crisis. Everything just feels out of control, and I can’t seem to accomplish anything. The World is passing me by and I’m stuck here, clicking a mouse and tapping on a keyboard all day long. The fact that I have The Sound of Silence on repeat on my play-list probably doesn’t help things, does it?
Dan: No, it doesn’t.
Dan: What do you think is causing these feelings?
Bob: I don’t know. Maybe I’m stuck in a rut or something? Same places, same job, same people. Same everything. Do you ever wonder what the point of it all is?
Dan: I think everyone does at some stage, myself included.
Dan: I get on with it.
Bob: What do you mean?
Dan: Life. I get on with it. I accept that there are some things that I cannot control and I learn, daily, to let go of these things. I believe in taking the path of least resistance when it comes to life and everything it has in store for me.
Bob: But isn’t that some kinda of a fatalistic, defeatist attitude?
Dan: Is it?
Bob: How should I know? I’m the one that’s asking!
Dan: Consider a river. The forward motion of the water, yes? The water doesn’t flow in reverse, does it?
Bob: True, but doesn’t gravity have something to do with that?
Dan: Yes, but you see, that’s part of your problem! You want to pull back the veil of life. You want everything to be revealed, explained and experienced. And what then? Now there is nothing left. You’re back at square one, asking what the point of it all is.
Dan: There are times, my friend, when you have to be like the water. Push the obstacles that you can push out of the way and move forward. For those that cannot be moved, simply take the path of least resistance and go around them.

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