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March 19, 2014 / notxkcd

not xkcd 73 – Online dating


Transcript below:

Bob: Hey, did I tell you that I joined one of those online dating sites a few weeks ago?
Dan: No. How’s it going?
Bob: Well, I sent this girl an interest message. It’s basically a generic message that the site sends, on your behalf, to the person saying that you’re interested. If they accept, then you start to message each other and stuff.
Dan: Sounds like a weird kind of caller-id. So, what happened?
Bob: She rejected me. Said she didn’t think we’d make a good match.
Dan: Shit. Sorry to hear.
Bob: Sorry for what? I haven’t had a response since I joined!
Dan: Yeah, but she rejected you.
Bob: So what? I’ve sent out at least a hundred interest messages. She’s my first reply! This is great! It’s a resounding success! Hope springs eternal!
Dan: You know, for someone who I consider to be a a miserable, depressing S.O.B, you certainly have the potential to be an optimist if and when it suits you.
Bob: I know, right?!

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