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April 3, 2014 / notxkcd

Thank you

Dear Reader (or Viewer?),

I posted the 75th comic on April 1. 75 is not a huge number when compared to established web comics, but it’s a big deal for me. To those of you have either liked/followed this comic, I thank you.

I’d also like to thank the following people/sites who have provided me with some level of inspiration:

1. Randall Monroe, creator of xkcd (the reason for this should be self-explanatory).

2. Ryan North, creator of Qwantz, a.k.a, Dinosaur Comics. It was through DC that I learned about the constrained comic form. I use it with the majority of my comics (office/cubicle scene, lunch room scene and bar scene). Over time I’ve made slight changes, but they are largely the same panels. Some comics have featured totally different panels, but I mostly stick to the three mentioned previously. Ryan is also involved with Project Wonderful, an advertising platform that I’ve used to promote not xkcd.

3. Jeph Jacques – creator of Questionable Content. Jeph has an FAQ on starting a webcomic. Here’s what he says:

Don’t suck – This is pretty subjective, but I think most people can tell if a comic sucks or not. Does mine suck? That’s for you to decide. As far as I am concerned, there is room for improvement, but I am content with it.

Practice every day – No. I don’t have the time/energy. I don’t how other authors do it, especially if it’s a comic where panels change every day, or every M/W/F. That is hard work. I like it simple and minimal. That way I can focus on developing the writing and dialog. It also leaves it up to the reader to imagine the setting, the place, the surroundings…

Pick an update schedule and stick with it – Tried that. Didn’t work. Felt forced/mass production. I update when I observe and/or experience something. I might decide to poke fun at an xkcd comic, or, I may have heard something on the news, or I may be documenting my adventures in on-line dating…

Buy your own domain name – Check. Mind you, it redirects to, but I’ll fix that one of these days.

Free hosting is never free – True. You never have full control.

Unlimited bandwidth is never unlimited – In other words, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Someone always pays, usually its you one way or another.

Don’t go into it expecting fame, fortune, recognition – Check. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, no biggie. My comics keep me entertained and are a form of distraction and catharsis. Sure it’s nice to have readers and followers, but my contentment with it comes before yours. In other words, you have to love yourself before you can love other people.

Don’t be a dick – I’m not. Not that I’m aware of anyway.

4. The creator of Robot Hugs. You really should read that comic. Important themes and topics are discussed here (identity, sexuality, gender…). It is awesome, in my opinion. RH also provides transcripts of each comic. Which I never did until recently. Transcripts make sense from a search engine point of view, or, if the images get screwed up or something.

Once again, thanks to all of you. Travel safely.


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