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May 26, 2014 / notxkcd

not xkcd 88 – Promises


UPDATE: So I tweaked the images slightly. Also, if you’ve ever visited Simon & Finn, you may notice a slight resemblance between the above comic and S&F. That’s not an accident. The layout – dare I say, style? – was inspired by S&F! Normally my guys sit on opposite sides of a table. With the above, I was going for a sitting-at-a-counter look. Oh, and the squiggle above Bob’s head? That’s supposed to represent anger. I’ve started looking into these representations recently. The first one was in ‘The Forest of Envy’ with the POOF! balloon. Not exactly rocket science, I mean we see them everyday in comics, but clearly some thought has to go into them and how/where they are placed.

Yup, don’t expect a big song and dance just because you promised X and delivered X + 1! Anyway, that’s what this article seems to conclude. In fact, the smart people out there won’t promise anything at all, and then surprise us by actually doing something! That really makes us happy!

Transcript below:

Bob: Hmm…, that’s interesting.

Dan: What’s up?

Bob: This survey found that there was almost no change in people’s levels of satisfaction when someone over delivered on a promise.

Dan: That is interesting, especially when people talk about how good it is to exceed expectations rather than meeting them.

Dan: Speaking of doing stuff, you promised you’d get a 100 questionnaires completed for our marketing survey.

Bob: Dude, I got like, 200 responses for you!

Dan: Who gives a shit? I was only expecting 100!

Bob: (fuming)



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  1. simonandfinn / May 28 2014 5:02 pm

    Awesome! Next you have to try drawing in a coffee cup.. I still haven’t gotten that one nailed after two years! That’s cool you’re trying out new approaches (i.e. anger squiggles), have you read Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics? There is a lot of brilliant and interesting information in there about representation in comics.. and it’s a great read (all done in comic style).

    • notxkcd / May 28 2014 9:25 pm

      Well heloooooo there S&F!

      Mmm…coffee cups, beer bottles and…plates of food! Very tricky. I shall Google McCloud, it sounds very interesting!

      When I first started, I actually wasn’t keen on putting in alot of “scenery.” I figured I’d go as minimal as possible and leave it up the reader to imagine the setting (no different from a book w/o pictures).

      I’ve since changed my view on that. Adding the scenery makes it more interesting (imho) and more realistic. It also forces me to work a little harder but makes it less taxing, I hope, for the reader to follow.

      Thanks for stopping by (again) and for dropping a comment!


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