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June 26, 2014 / notxkcd

not xkcd 99 – The alternative


Bed 1, Couch 0. Seriously though, what is up with all of those pillows that some people put on their beds? Forgetting, for the moment, that it’s their bed and they can put whatever they want to on it. My bed has two pillows. That’s it. Sometimes I stack ’em, other times I put one under my head and cuddle with the other.

Alice: Babe, don’t you think that you’re exaggerating just a teensy weensy bit?

Bob: Nope, I’m serious…

Bob: It’s as if I have to tackle a mountain range just to get into bed! And those colours! Jeez, were you deprived of crayons when you were a kid?

Alice: Would you rather sleep on the couch, by yourself?

Bob: Babe, the room looks wonderful!

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  1. simonandfinn / Jun 28 2014 8:41 am

    Cool! I love the seemingly non sequitar approach (though it’s not truly a non sequitar). Makes my brain feel funny. 🙂

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