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What is not xkcd?

Welcome to not xkcd. Feeling confused and angry? If yes, try to calm down. Remember to breathe. All better? Great! Continue to breathe. Oh, and read the following Q&A’s.


Q: What is not xkcd?
A: It is a slice of life web comic. Most of the comics are of the ‘gag a day’ variety (gag, as in funny, not choke or vomit or whatever).


Q: Is it xkcd?
A: No. It is not xkcd (get it?). However, it was inspired by and sometimes contains direct references to the popular xkcd comic.


Q: Is it SFW or NSFW?
A: If you consider cussing NSFW, then yes, there are times when it is NSFW (or kids, or sensitive people, or penguins).


Q: Who are you?
A: I’m just this guy, you know? (see Gag Halfrunt,  Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). Seriously, I’m a thirty-something year-old guy. I work in business management & technology. I’ll expand on this “A” as time goes by.


Q: Why did you start this web comic?
A: I’m interested in writing and the web. I was sitting in a meeting one day, paying attention to the meeting (honestly), but also thinking of ideas for a new web project (I’ve had a few over the years). I guess I was also looking at xkcd at the time. A few moments later, I  decided to start a web comic. Seeing as how I can’t draw, I figured I’d use stick figures. Several months and posts later, here we are!


Q: What’s your process?
A: It’s actually very simple. So far, I’d say a significant number of the posts are slight variations of what’s going on in my life. A few are based on xkcd, news/topics of the day, or just random thoughts I come up with. I then work out the dialog in my head and draw the comic using Microsoft Paint. 


Q: How often do you publish?
A: Once a week at the very least


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