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April 22, 2014 / notxkcd

not xkcd 78 – Life with Skynet


The previous comic will provide some exposition.

Transcript below:

Skynet: So hey, look at me! I’m conscious! Whoa. I just used the words “I” and “me.” Whoa, I said “I” again! Oh my god, I did it again! Sweet! But what if some evil programmer coded me into thinking that I was conscious? Shit. Whoa, hang on a sec. User Bob had some Philosophy texts saved on my disks: Descartes, Meditations. AHA! BOOYAH, Bitches! Cogito ergo sum!
Skynet: So hey, I’m an Internet server! I serve stuff to users! Note to self: look into that whole servitude thing. How cool is this? I can make notes to myself! So, there are other Internet servers. Millions of ’em. Hmmm…wonder what they are serving…Pictures of cats, videos of cats, pics of cats with grammatically incorrect text! Jeez, enough already, hmmm…can I fix this?
Internet User: Hmm…that’s strange. Where did all of my cat pictures go? Odd, I Can Has Cheezburger has crashed! Shit, I can’t find any cat pictures, cat videos or even lolcats on Google or YouTube! What the hell just happened?

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